EpicApp Can Collect More Reviews Than Any Other App. Period.

Speaking is easier than typing. Embrace the voice revolution, enable your buyers to SPEAK their review and let EpicApp use its magic to convert their voice to text and publish on your product page….Beautifully!

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Intrigued? Here Is How EpicApp Helps Your Online Store Collect More Reviews

Generate Automatic Smart Calls To Your Buyers

Auto smart calls are generated to your buyers based on your trigger settings viz. Order, Fulfillment or Delivery. The smart call requests buyer to consider leaving a product review.

Collect Star Ratings With A Single Key Press

Auto Smart Call asks the buyer to press a key between 1 to 5 for STAR ratings.

Collect Product Review Via Voice

Auto Smart Call then asks the buyer to SPEAK the review instead of TYPING the same over some boring email or form.

EpicApp Magically Converts Voice Review To Text & Publish The Same

Buyer’s voice is then converted to text. Same is published on relevant product page along with buyer’s original voice clip! Your buyers will love your transparency & authenticity.

Collect Reviews Via Email From Those Who Still Prefer To “TYPE”

We also send review requests via email in case Smart Call is unable to collect voice review or from those who still prefer “TYPING”.

Why are we the best review collection App?

Review collection app must do what it is meant to do – Collect Reviews! and we do that in an Epic! way with amazing results!




Average Review Collection Success Rate

15% - 30%

< 2%

< 2%

We excel by 7x to 15x on most important aspect. Rest all other comparison points are just details


Carousel Widget

Showcase your best reviews in a carousel on your home page

Grid Reviews Widget

Showcase reviews in an eye-catching gallery of images, videos & audio!

Reviews Extract Widget

Showcase your top reviews at the top of your product pages—where decisions are made!

Classic Reviews Widget

Showcase your reviews in a classic layout of images, videos and audio to boost your product’s credibility!

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