Smart Call Settings

Enabled by default, these settings help you collect product reviews over call. These are applicable only to the orders in which buyers have provided their phone numbers. For orders in which buyers have not provided their phone numbers, these settings are ignored and “Review Collection over Email Settings” are used instead. Options are explained below:

Use Smart Call Feature to Collect Product Reviews/Ratings
  1. Enable: When enabled, smart calls (to collect product reviews) are made to all buyers who have provided their phone number.
  2. Disable: Smart calls are not made. Review collection email is sent to the buyers instead as per “Review Collection over Email Settings
When do you want to make a buyer eligible for receiving a call

These options define as to which trigger event makes the buyer eligible to receive a smart call. There are 3 trigger events:

  1. On Purchase: As soon as the buyer purchases a product / places an order on the store, he becomes eligible.
  2. After Fulfilment: Buyer becomes eligible only when you as merchant process his order and mark it as fulfilled on shopify. We recommend using this trigger event for most cases.
  3. Post Delivery: Buyer becomes eligible after the product has been delivered to him and courier partner updates the delivery status back on shopify.
Please Note (only if trigger event is set to “Post Delivery”):

Shopify currently doesn’t support tracking of order delivery status natively for all courier partners. If you use any third-party tracking apps and those apps update the Order Fulfilled Status to Order Delivered status in Shopify, only then we will be able to schedule review requests.

If your tracking app doesn’t send delivery status directly to Shopify (or fails to do so), we will then move to backup plan of sending review requests as per Order Fulfilment status based on your settings in the highlighted option in the screenshot above.

After how many days should EpicApp Product Reviews & UGC call the buyer to collect Product review/rating?

Set the number of days after which EpicApp should initiate a smart call to the buyer once he has become eligible to receive the same. Buyer eligibility is governed by your selection of trigger event as explained above.

In case Delivery Confirmation is not received on Shopify, then after how many days should EpicApp Product Reviews & UGC call buyer for collecting Review/Rating?

This option only comes when trigger event is selected as “Post Delivery” else it remains hidden. Since shopify currently doesn’t support tracking of order delivery status natively for all courier partners, so in an event where your 3rd party tracking app fails to send delivery status to shopify, the smart call will be initiated after set number of days in this option

For example, if you set this option as 7 days after fulfilment then EpicApp will wait for 7 days after order status changes to fulfilled. If package delivery confirmation is received before that duration, then smart call will be initiated as per your settings else if delivery confirmation is not received, smart call will be initiated after 7 days from fulfilment.

The smart call that is initiated to collect the review is based on the “Edit Call Template” settings


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